Thursday, July 7, 2011

Up and Down, Up and Down

Image courtesy of WW
One of the hardest things when you are trying to watch your weight is travel. There's nothing like a cross-country (or even cross-state, if you are heading for some soul food at home) trip to swing your eating schedule and throw in new temptations everywhere you look. I don't like feeling deprived while I am experiencing a new place, even though the WW mantra is that you don't have to deprive yourself of anything as long as you keep things in moderation.The "moderation" part is where I struggle.

Something else I have noticed is that it isn't just going somewhere else that can derail you. Sometimes it's just a matter of not leaving where you are and getting stuck in a rut.

In advance of last weekend's wedding (pictures to come soon - it was a fabulous time!) I was so busy each day that I was honestly forgetting to eat lunch. Let me swear to you, I have never said those words in my life. I find time to eat. If I was busy in the past, I'd find time to at least chug down a Slimfast or grab a Zone bar. Not exactly health-central right there, I know, but oh well, at least they are more well-rounded than, say, cookies from the break room!

Last week, though, I was an insane person, and the afternoons sped past. I hadn't gone food shopping since my last trip out of town, so I hadn't brought in food from home to have at my desk. By the time the clock was striking 4:30 each day, I had realized I missed a major meal, but by then was too close to dinner to eat anything substantial without ruining evening plans. Needless to say, I lost those last few pounds over those few days before slipping on that little bridesmaid dress. It fit like a glove!

And then, guess what? Surprise: I instantly gained those few pounds right back as I ate and drank my way through the festive weekend. Ugh.

I hate rollercoastering on the weight loss journey, but it is something that I find myself accidentally doing all. the. time. Five pounds here, five pounds there, up, down, shorts too tight, dresses too loose. It's killing me. Can't I just reach goal weight and stay there for once? 

At work today, I sent out a congratulatory tweet to an online contact about her recent five-pound weight loss:

I then realized how silly that sounded if I didn't actually do something about it. So I clicked through to WW online, added up my points and sent this out:
This whole rollercoaster effect is why so many people try and ultimately give up on trying to lose the weight. But that doesn't mean I can't keep trying! Those shorts that are a bit too tight right now (aren't shorts the worst? I feel like they are the first thing to show if you have gained any weight - there's not much room for forgiveness!) fit fine last year when I wore them, so why can't they again? If that means I need to hit the gym more often at all and skip that dessert here and there, then fine. I am not depriving myself of food -- if anything, I am instead depriving myself of my clothes and I hate that even more.

Are you a serial rollercoaster, too? What are your tips for turning things around when you find yourself going back up those rails again? In the meantime, I'm paying attention to the things I eat and drink again, so expect to see me less at those Happy Hours and dessert parties while I get things back under control :)



Wendy said...

I gain and lose the same 3 lbs every week. It's insane. I know what it takes to lose, but my schedule just is so hectic, I end up not eating well and skipping the gym over events. I know what it takes to be healthy and lose weight, but it's sheer laziness and when you're always on the go, eating bad can be a reward sometimes or an excuse (on vacay). I just have to reset from time to time, but the ups and downs will always be there.

Chelsea said...

I really had never dieted before the beginning of this year - but did so well on ww! Until... (always a but, right?) I started dating a lot more hah! I need to get back on track with my portions and healthy eating. Never too late!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Yes, I'm such an up & down girl. But I feel like I've been pregnant for the last 3.5 years, so I'm finally trying to figure out what will work from here on out! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Unknown said...

Wendy, Chelsea and Amy - PREACH. I am so glad I am not alone in the battle! I will keep all of you and your tips and ups/downs in my thoughts as I try not to eat and drink my way through life ha!