Monday, August 8, 2011

Chair Lust

Someone should really stop me from entering a Pier 1 Store. Their sales are good enough to drive a gal crazy. I can see their signs from the wrong side of the road and will literally drive out of my way to go check things out inside. Thankfully, I don't always leave with something in hand, but I very often feel drawn to some of their items, whether $2 in price or $300.

Behold, for example, this chair, priced at around $200, which I feel is pretty reasonable for such a statement piece:

Just look at it's lines! But wait. It gets even better. Check out this baby from the BACK.

Love! How fantastic would this be as an uppity office desk chair? Why oh why didn't I choose color themes for this condo that would better accompany this eggplant chair?

And then I could buy this miniature eggplant chair to keep it company. Plus the adorable ruffle satin pillow for contrast. But maybe in a different color. Blue and purple remind me of a bruise.

I guess eggplant and the bright yellow of my living room, or the bright red of my dining room, don't quite go together. Fine. I hear you. But this sofa with the orange and brown theme might be complimentary somewhere...