Monday, August 29, 2011

Decor in Unexpected Places

After over three years in the condo (where does time go!) I have gotten more of a feel of my own decor style. It seems I am a hybrid Crate & Barrel - West Elm - Pottery Barn type person. I love the traditional meets modern vibe, and it's perfect for a high rise in the middle of Buckhead. I have kept a pretty simple color scheme going in here and have all the larger furniture pieces purchased, but I'm always looking around for what else I can add in. My walls and shelves are kind of itching for some new pieces right now.

But goodness, if I don't like spending money at those types of stores. It hurts me to drop that kind of money on things when I know there are knock-offs available on the cheap in other stores. In the meantime, I keep up the daydreaming about the types of decor I like and want to see in my own home, and keep an eye out for bargains at places like Pier 1, Cost Plus and Tar-jay.
I loved all the lanterns featured in the latest few Crate & Barrel catalogs. They remind me of what life could be like at the beach (wouldn't that be lovely!), but they can transition from season to season just by bringing them indoors.

But seriously, at anywhere from $37 to $80 a pop, they were too much for my cheapo self. It's just a candleholder, after all!

Well, wouldn't you know. Strolling the aisles of a local Lowe's late one evening, what do I come upon but almost the exact same lanterns for literally between $1 and $6 each depending on the size. Done and done. Those plus a globe-shaped one for a mere $9, and I was ridiculously pleased with myself :)

And then I stumbled on even more lantern knock-offs at IKEA, and so I picked up a small circular silver one to complete my "arrangement." Total cost for four lanterns: $17. Take that, more expensive stores!

Now I am in the midst of arranging them for the upcoming Fall season. So far, I think it's looking ok, but some Fall foliage (fake, of course) from the racks at Michael's will probably even things out, along with some Fall-colored candles. The beige candles are too washed out up against my beige walls.

What home decor items are on your wish list right now? What do you think of my little set-up on top of the bookcase?



Elise said...

Love the lanterns and especially the bow!

Unknown said...

Thanks Elise! I thought the bow was a cute way to jazz it up a bit :)