Thursday, August 4, 2011

Randomness All Over

It's been one of those days - my mind has been all over the place. Here's a brief glimpse inside ...

* I just made perhaps the most amazing "delivery" Chinese food ... from Trader Joe's ingredients! I sauteed two red peppers and a small yellow onion in some oil until tender. Then I added cubed hard tofu, and a good amount of Trader Joe's General Tsao's sauce - from a bottle! I simmered that while I heated up pre-cooked brown rice (yep - TJs too) and then plated it all up. Oh. My. Goodness. Sorry Chin-Chin, you are out. Healthier and made to order, sweet!

* I love my Mac. Why can't all people switch to Macs? They are so much easier. Yes, it takes a conversion period while you get used to the idiosyncricies like no buttons on the mousepad, or the apple button vs. PC buttons, but whatever, once you switch over, it's hard to go back.

How does one grow bamboo like this??
* Thinking and praying for my two good college friends today after their family has suffered a sad, sad loss. I am not a big fan of life right now - it has a horrible sense of timing, sometimes. Think good vibes for them, friends!

* How do you properly trim a bamboo plant? I have had the same two (note not three to be truly "lucky") stalks in water and rocks since 2007. One keeps shooting off a massive branch that ultimately gets top heavy and starts to fall over. I just tried to cut it off and "replant" it in the water. Will this work?

* I am organizing a FAB Bachelorette party for my BFF Laurie who is finally home from med school in Israel for good! Hooray! Details to come after the party - I am keeping a few things top-secret for now :)

* My poor Blackberry Torch has died due to some freak electronic glitch in the display. I can use the keypad ... but can't see what I am doing nor what the random alarms are that keep going off. Thank goodness for AT&T and their 1-year warranty! It's otherwise been nice to be a bit unplugged this week.

What randomness is going through your head today? Add to the fun and leave one of your thoughts here to share!