Monday, August 1, 2011

Sky Shopping

Whew! Hi friends. I am back in Atlanta, seemingly for at least the next few weeks. What a busy summer! I have been jetting and driving off to weddings and work functions almost every week, and I have never been so glad to have a few at-home weekends in a row coming up. Granted, they aren't 100% free of plans, but what they do include are lazy mornings spent at home with my nonfat Chais, the newspaper and my PJ's. Hooray!

I have spent a lot of quality time with the airlines this summer, and as a result, I have read the Sky Mall magazine cover to cover. A few times. Nothing new was added over those few weeks, in case you were wondering :P

What normally is a bunch of less-than-useful items in that magazine actually sparked some interest in me, though, be it the late-night flights (there were a few) or the frequency with which I was reading the magazine. Regardless, I loved some of the products, and came THIS CLOSE to buying a few of them. Slash may buy some of them soon...

Removable Walk-through Door: I live in a high-rise, so screen doors aren't a common sight. However, in the few months weeks of the year when it is pleasant outside, I love having the sliding door open to take in the breezes. This would solve the issue and is removable, so my HOA wouldn't have a fit about it being a permanent fixture on the porch.

Collegiate Boat Fenders: If I owned a boat, these would be on my list. Though obviously I do not own a boat, because I was about to call these things "buoys" instead. Oh my.

SkyRest: I am pretty sure it was on the cross-country San Fran flight that this caught my eye, because I just could not get comfortable enough to nod off. Don't you kind of want to test this out in real life?

MobiValet: This would be a dynamite stocking stuffer for the smartphone addict in your family!
Mustache Mirror: Imagine how fun this would be for your next party if you had it smartly positioned in your foyer or by your bar!

Garden Stacker: We have a quaint mini herb garden growing on the patio right now. If I can keep this season's crop alive, this might be a worthy investment to add variety next year.

Magnetic Ironing Board: Budget-friendly and smart. No more hauling out the big board to press that collar into a fratastic pop.

Do any items in the SkyMall call to you when you flip through it's pages or browse online? 



ATLrunner said...

I LOVE the snap screened door as well :-) always something that caught my eye - I also get distracted by all the pet accessories and such! yay for travel stories....

Unknown said...

so disappointing that there is no GT boat fender! would have been the perfect present for my dad. alas... thanks for sharing!

Britt said...

I want the SkyRest! Every time I fly I think, why didn't I buy that?

Unknown said...

Deb - wouldn't that screen be great??

Katie - I thought the same thing. Though B would like the Auburn one :)

Britt - ME TOO :)