Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Girl Pants

I am an independent woman. I have made a career for myself and strive to rise up the ranks of the corporate world while succeeding in my personal life, too. I put myself first and try to make sure that I am always as happy as I can be in my world.

Why is it, then, that I, this independent chick, am such a baby when it comes to eating alone?

You know those Sex and the City moments where the girl heads to the local restaurant with her magazine or book in hand, ready to enjoy the better moments of food in life, despite the fact that she might be dining alone? Ugh. I'd much rather make friends with a stranger for such moments, rather than sit by myself. I don't know what it is with me about it. Maybe it's because I really like to chat. Or maybe it's because I don't want to look like a loser (though I try my best to keep my thoughts on positive things!) And sure, I may have a S.O., so this isn't usually a big deal for dinners, but during my work day, the eating alone thing presents itself all. the. time. I just really don't like to sit there idly by myself.
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Today, I decided I needed to grow up. I am so sick of grabbing a sandwich to-go from the bakery across the street (so is my waistline). I made a mental log to pick up more lunch-appropriate ingredients next week at the store (I heart homemade soups), and for today, I decided it was high time to go and sit at a good local restaurant and have a quick, healthy bite OUT to eat. Forget eating at my desk. Today, I wanted that 30-minute break away from everything.

And you know what? I really enjoyed myself. I had time to catch up on some Twitter action on my phone, down a few glasses of fountain Diet Coke and enjoy one of my fav appetizers/light meals around town, TAP's Mediterranean flat bread. I made a friend with the waitress at the bar where I sat, who informed me they have a deal if you eat 10 lunches at the bar, you get your 11th free - sweet! I watched some MLB updates on the TV, and generally just zoned out. And it was awesome. I even thought about how cool and corporate-like I looked, sitting there in my pencil skirt and heels. Loser? Nay!

Though my wallet and my pants size both agree that bringing my own lunch is the better way to go, some days the pantry is empty, or I just need a break outside of the office walls for a few. I feel much more empowered now knowing that yep, I can definitely do the eating-alone thing successfully again :)

Do you ever eat lunch or dinners out alone? Do you do anything special during it, like read a book or surf your iPad?



Lisa said...

I've had to eat a few meals alone when traveling for work and had the same worries (boredom, loneliness, loser-ish) - but I really enjoyed it too. I try to look for scenic places or those with great people watching, sometimes I'll read the paper, a book or my phone, and most often I zone out. It's really not bad. A lot of the time I actually prefer doing things by myself (total control, ha). However going to a movie by myself - I don't think I could ever do it.

Suzanne said...

I had lunch alone today and thought of you. :) Traveling often and alone for work, I've grown accustomed to solo dining and enjoy the quiet time. Reading is a great way to keep things entertaining during the meal and worst case there's words with friends. Ha!

Unknown said...

Lisa and Suzanne - you both are such good travel-eat-alone people. I am trying to maintain some of your courage moving forward :) Words with Friends is a great idea - and omg Lisa, totally agree re: the movie, I couldn't either, which is so funny since it's the most solo event ever otherwise!