Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Think Pink!!

Some days, you wake up just hankering for a Happy Hour cocktail. Ok fine, maybe you don't (but seriously, I know you do), but I know there are some days that I get to about 10:30AM and am already thinking about where to meet up with some gal pals after work! Today, my day started at 5:30AM (6AM spin class = CONQUERED!), and so Happy Hour started drifting into my head even earlier than it might have otherwise :)

For those of you feeling that way today, that's a good thing, because the W in Buckhead is putting on a super-pink cocktail hour just for you! Complimentary cocktails (yes, you read that right) provided by Vixen Vodka, and all sorts of fun in support of the caregivers of breast cancer survivors.

Check out the swank invite below. I think I am going to stop by - will you? 

See you there!

Disclosure: I received info about this event from the sponsors and definitely wanted to pass it along!