Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Yesterday, our fair state of Georgia hit a rather monumental milestone. Consumers in most cities will now have the ability to buy beer and liquor in stores on Sundays. 

For those of you outside of the Peach State, a quick backgrounder. GA is one of three states nationwide that, until yesterday, prohibited alcohol sales on Sundays. These three states felt that because Sunday is the Sabbath, along with a few other reasons such the "social cost" of increased chances of accidents and injuries caused by more people driving drunk, the historic blue law from the 1800's should stay in place. Cities and retailers in the state had no choice in the matter. Those beer cases at Publix were dark on Sundays, and that's just how it always has been here. Come Super Bowl Sunday, you better have already shopped for your party supplies on Saturday.

Earlier this year, the Georgia Legislature made the huge decision to let individual cities make that choice with voter approval, rather than the state government passing down the rules. The City of Atlanta, as you might have guessed, voted overwhelmingly yesterday to pass the law, with over 80% of voters agreeing that the City should have the ability to let retailers sell liquor and beer on Sunday. Dozens of other cities shared the same sentiment.

Thanks to pal Michael Erickson for this image via FB :)
No matter your stance on the subject, this historic overturn was big enough to even make the national news. And to that, my friends, I say CHEERS :) Can't wait to be able to pick-up beer on Football Sundays soon!