Monday, December 19, 2011

Finely Dressed

A man's outfit says a lot about him. Just like us ladies, a man gets judged by what he is wearing, and what he is wearing reflects directly on how he holds and presents himself to others and how he feels about himself, too. A man in a fine suit feels better all-around than some man in a leisure tracksuit about 95% of the time, I would wager.

I grew up with a lot of well-dressed men in my family. My dad has an amazing sense of style and does business casual and formal to a tee. One uncle is a lawyer and knows how to wear a mean suit and tie. My brother takes all of that and puts a 20-something spin on it, adding a funky hat or fun patterned dress socks. So it's no real wonder that I ended up with a S.O. that also likes to look and dress nice :)

Why hello, handsome, yes, you may buy me a drink.

Tonight, he and I ventured up the road to visit one of the best-known spots for well-dressed men: Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. "Joe Bank," as my father refers to it, knows how to outfit a man for any occasion. Whether dressed down with a polo top or dressed up in a tux, a man (or his lady) can find just the right combination, from shoes to pants to shirts, blazers and ties.

As much as you want to pick out everything in the store right away, though, the absolute key to shopping at Jos. A. Bank is to wait for a sale. They, like any fine clothing company, have everyday customers that stop by for one of their famous Traveler shirts or to pick out a new pair of slacks for full price. But the savvy (aka Betty) customers know to hold out for a few days or weeks, because it's only a matter of time until they bust out the big guns. Enter the Jos. A. Bank "Buy 1 Get 2" sale. And it's going on right. this. very. moment.

This gorg camel hair blazer?

Buy one, get two more free. Yes, three $450 blazers, for the price of one. OR, buy one of the blazers, and tag on a pair of slacks and a button-up shirt. FREE.

This two-button wool suit, normally $595 and available in five different fabrics?

Yep, two more added to your order for the cost of just the one. Not looking for three suits? Pick up two of these lambswool crewneck sweaters to add on, instead. For F-R-E-E. The only fine print? They must be of regular price, anything of equal or lesser value. 

To not wait for this sale is silly, reckless and downright wasteful. Why some men can't wait a few weeks for a new pair of slacks is probably the same as the women who ignore the outlet mall prices to pick up the latest Coach bag at full price. Silly, silly, silly. This Betty does not approve of such people. I'd much rather get three times that for the same price! It seems like such simple math.

So if you (or for the gals, your man) are looking for some wardrobe updates, be sure to swing by your local Joe Bank by tomorrow, or check out the sales online if you already know your sizing and fabric and styles of choice.

Still looking for that perfect gift? Try out their special stocking stuffer section, where items like this fab Tartan print tie on the right are available for a cool $70. PLUS TWO MORE ITEMS FOR FREE.

Ok yes, I think I have made my point :)

Men: What's the best clothing buy you've ever gotten, either at Jos. A. Banks or somewhere else?

Women: What item from the Joe Bank store would you love to see your man wearing this holiday season?