Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wear that Dress Again

We've all been there, ladies. Your BFF picks out the most beautiful wedding gown, and then ... your bridesmaid gown pales in comparison. Of course, you aren't supposed to be prettier than the bride on her special day, but we can each give an extra kudos to those brides who make the extra effort to pick out gowns that fits both her theme and the personalities and styles of her 'maids. You ladies are awesome, and we thank you.

The biggest bonus of all, though, really goes to the bride who picks out gowns that openly defies the snarky (and usually false) saying that "you can wear it again."

True, this is a big iffy in the world of bridesmaid gowns. Picking out dresses is a balancing act between fabric, cost, cut and personal shapes and sizes of each of the 'maids. That doesn't mean it can't be done, though. It just takes a special eye to figure out where and when to shop for the perfect dresses.

Well, remember this particular gown?

My gal pal Annemarie knew just how to please her ladies. We picked out gray silk Banana Republic dresses at the end-of-the-season sale last winter, and teamed it with summery accents for her holiday weekend wedding. To say I was eager to wear it for weeks ahead of the wedding itself, though, would be an understatement. This dress was just itching to make an appearance as a non-wedding dress, and especially during the cold months that it was originally designed for.

Behold, here is proof that yes, you can totally wear it again:

Granted, not all gowns can be worn again, but if you are lucky enough to have one that is straddling the line, here are a few tips for dressing it down after the Big Day:
  • Pair it with leggings or tights during the winter, and add a cardigan, like I did here
  • Ramp it up with chunky costume jewelry to take down any prissy factor
  • Split apart the pieces: if your dress is a two-piece with a corset top, consider wearing the top with a black pencil skirt and a cardigan/shrug as a fun party look
  • Add a belt to keep the look everyday
  • Don't forget the shoes! Skip the bridal party sandals and kick back with some fun, shiny stilettos. 
Have you dressed down one of your former gowns? Do you have photos that you can share? I'd love to do a feature with some of your best Post-Wedding Looks!



Lisa said...

I am proud to say I was one of those brides who picked a bridesmaid dress for my girls that they have ALL worn again :) I had a summer wedding in Florida and am not at all into the "typical" bridesmaid look, so I found Lilly sundresses for them in my color scheme. Easy, pretty, and totally re-wearable!

As for my own collection of bridesmaid dresses....not so lucky. Ha!

La Femme FITalle said...

I know your post is about your dress- and it's very pretty- but I LOVE the metallic heels w/ the black tights! They definitely add a bit of edge to the whole ensemble.:)

Unknown said...

Lisa - you are so right, that is a great idea! I am so glad your bridesmaids got so much use out of those.

And LFF - thank you so much re: the heels! That is a fashion trend that I have been trying out after seeing it all over Gossip Girl and other TV shows :)