Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolutions for the Home

I saw these plain and simple home-based resolutions over on Apartment Therapy today, and loved them so much that I want to repost them here for you to check out! The writer resolved that she will ...
1. Carefully consider the things I bring into my home, buying only what I really need, love and will use.
2. Try to clean on a regular basis, tackling small chores so that it never becomes unmanageable.
3. Stock up on the products that I use regularly so I never have to pay a convenience store mark-up on toilet paper again.
4. Treat my home as a retreat and place of refuge, investing in small touches like fresh flowers and soft sheets to create a comforting environment.
5. Invite people over! I will stop making excuses and open my doors to friends more often.

How easy is that? I love it. Have you made any resolutions regarding your home, entertaining or cleaning? How are you coming in bringing those resolutions to life?