Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Storage: Look Up

Not all home decor and organization upgrades have to be expensive or even permanent. Living in 1,000 square feet means that whatever I do in here, though, has to work and be efficient. My rule is, no space should go unused. 

For example, we have two spare folding chairs under the bed along with wrapping paper and a box for bows, ribbons and tissue paper. A spare folding table stands up behind the bedroom door where no one would ever know it's there. The tallest shelves in the kitchen hold the extra wine glasses and Sweetwater glasses (omg so many of those...). Open shelves in the closet were converted into storage by adding small plastic bins:

Another easy fix I have been using is for the laundry room. And when I say room, I mean sliding doors that contain the side-by-side washer/dryer, an elevated hot water heater and two small shelves. This doesn't leave much room for the actual laundry or any sort of permanent drying racks. I have a pop-up drying rack that can hold much of my delicate laundry, but since I am perhaps a bit of a clothes-horse, sometimes that one rack just can't hold everything.

Voila. Instant drying rack for the larger shirts, leggings and hose. Sometimes, this "rack" also holds my undergarments, too, but I decided that might just be a bit too over-share for a picture :) The "rack" is just a spare dowel that I keep alongside the washer, but you can use what's on hand like the handle of your broom, mop or Swiffer, too. I prop it on top of the partially-open doors, add hangers and the clothes, and then once they are dry, the rack can just be stowed away!  

What small or even silly thing do you do in your home to help you organize or store things?



Britt said...

My husband and I share an 800 sq ft apartment so needless to say storage space is sparse. One thing we have done is put our bed on risers. It is amazing what we can now store neatly under our bed:)

Katherine Malone said...

Britt - under-bed storage space is clutch! Great tip.

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