Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Glimpses

There are a few things I have learned from blogging. Most other bloggers will know these facts, and some of you readers might guess them, but here are a few ...

1. I don't always feel like blogging. Gasp! Truth: I love you all and that you come to my blog and want to hear from me (me! I am so honored!). But goodness, there are days (natch, weeks...) when it's hard for me to sit down and decidedly pour out my guts to you. Usually due to part sheer exhaustion, part lack of motivation to do anything except watch TV ha.

2. I don't always have time to blog. Double gasp! In a perfect world, I'd be heading to Starbucks each morning for a leisurely few hours of me-time with the blog and my ideas. Ha. I'm pretty sure there isn't a blogger alive that has that luxury in reality ;)

But the biggest issue really is ...

3. I always have about 10 ideas for a blog post in my mind, but only about 1-2 of them are full-fledged ideas. The other 8? They float around and usually get lost in the abyss, unless I have the foresight to jot them down. 

Today? This is a post about all those other things. Some snapshots into my mind. My weird, ADD-slash-OCD mind. Welcome. And I hope you will continue to hang around for some of those other 1-2 bigger ideas to make their way onto this blog in the near future, too :)

I am just amazed sometimes at the beauty of this fair Southern city on a crisp winter evening!

Remember that vlog I did earlier this week? Here is a look at the full outfit. I am loving rolling up pants at the bottom - solves the issue of them being slightly too long, but gives your legs a long and lean look when paired with heels.

Spotted: Style trend #1 for the early spring. Skinny, brightly-colored belts. These can all be found at Tar-jay on the cheap. 

Spotted #2: Did you know Tar-jay carries earring backers to replace those darn little things that always seem to get lost? Genius!

Monopoly, wine and no plans can = an amazing Friday night, sometimes :)

Ahhh a clean and cozy condo. Although, say bye-bye to that plain red wall! The painter cometh this spring and things will be hung on the walls immediately thereafter :)

Extra seating found! I grabbed up this director's chair on deep discount at the Pier 1 Buckhead liquidation sale. Head over there if you haven't already, as they won't be there much longer ... they are moving to the one location by the LA Fitness in Buckhead. Everything is (or was...) first come, first served.

Holy moly, pizza stone! Our new (gifted) stone was a HUGE success. Just check out what we threw together! And we don't even really know what we are doing!

And lastly, this gal was at the GT Homecoming Game and I stopped to ask her if I could snap this shot of her in a vintage "T" varsity sweater, straight from her grandfather in the early 1900's! How amazing! Why haven't they recreated these for fans yet?! I would buy one in a hot. second.