Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love is Like a New Planner

You guys. I am absolutely in love.

Even though for the past number of years, I have been forcing myself to switch into all e-land with my social scheduling, there has been a part of my soul (yes, my soul, I am that passionate about this) that has died a little bit each time I can't color in a day on my Blackberry with colored markers to designate a wedding, birthday or date night. The days of high school and college with planners full of handwritten notes, colors and stickers seem far too far away. Plus, I was having trouble with reminders on my Blackberry for myself like "buy a birthday card" (a week in advance so I could mail it), "Call Friend X," and "pay that bill."

A few weeks ago, I heard about these absolutely amazing planners that were available on this absolutely amazing-looking website. And because of said soul-dying, I decided right then and there to say "Happy Belated Birthday to Me" and I bought myself one.

O.M.G. It arrived. Even the box was a planner-girl's high. Perfectly wrapped and totally girly.

I selected a lovely teal/turquoise Life Planner with a kaliedoscope pattern from Erin Condren, a personalized stationery store that is the newest must-have for social planners like myself. One look at their Facebook page will show you how dedicated and in-love her fans are.

Before I show you its marvelous inside, let me first show you what also came in the box with this beauty:

Free labels, all personalized for me! Happy Birthday labels that I can stick on a box or a bag, and generic labels that would be perfect to add to a bottle of wine for a hostess gift. Adorable!

Hot tip: Erin Condren is on One King's Lane for one more day! Get labels or other EC items all of your own for a great price.

Ok, back to my planner...

These cheery pages are inside each planner regardless of your cover style. A.k.a. you better be okay with cheerful color (but who isn't?!)


One thing I love about the Life Planner is that it has these monthly pages along with the weekly views, which are broken out into morning, day and night.

Each of those weekly view pages has a Goals and To-Do column on the side for you to keep track of those little weekly things.

And of course, the planners have these amazing tabs to separate out each month! 

One user tip: While laminated tabs are on the Erin Condren line-up for 2013, the 2012 ones currently are not covered. Both the brand and most Facebook fans suggest using a certain size of Avery tabs, or simply covering each tab in clear packing tape. I did the latter, trimmed off the edges of extra tape on each one, and you can't even tell it's a handmade job. Promise :)

The back of the planner is almost as fun! It has sheets and sheets of little colored labels you can use on each day to designate events and other special things. After those is this great double-sided envelope (above left) to store loose papers, and a clear zipper pouch (right) as a catch-all for all sorts of other things (business cards, coins, etc.).

As you might expect, I sat down ASAP that night that this gorgeous planner arrived with a celebratory glass of wine and proceeded to fill it all out. And while I snapped all of these shots pre-pen-hitting-paper, I have been enjoying using my planner every. single. day. Already I have NOT forgotten (haha) to meet up for an evening appointment I had, to mail out a check that reserved my spot on a Bachelorette trip, and to do my taxes... ok fine, just because I didn't do them yet doesn't mean I forgot to do them ;)

Who are my fellow Erin Condren lovers out there? What is your favorite thing about her line?

What about those of you who haven't heard of her before? What do you think?



Julie said...

I got my first Erin Condren planner for Christmas. I love the notes sections for those random thoughts that you must write down before you forget them.

My only downside is it is rather large. To big for some of my small purses, but the adorable design makes up for it!

Unknown said...

i love it! thanks for sharing such a great product :)

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing the EC love! enjoy!

Jana A (@jana0926) said...

I LOVE mine! I love the special dates pages. I keep the posts for my site there.

Unknown said...

Julie - I hear you on the size! It's not a tiny planner, though I like that since I am not a particularly tiny handwriter :)

Unknown said...

Katie - you should totally upgrade and get one!

Jana - you are such an enabler, you :) LOVE the idea for helping with the blog planning!!