Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hidden Pizza

Earlier last week, I received an email from Urban Daddy with the same title as this post. "Hidden Pizza and a Wine Tunnel in Buckhead." Though I was seriously intrigued with just that title alone, it wasn't until I received an invitation to scope out this new spot for it's soft opening tonight that I knew I had to stop by and see what all this buzz was about! And oh am I so glad I did!

Here's the quick run-down of our town's latest newcomer, STG Trattoria, straight from UD:
Once you do manage to get a beat on this place (it’s not visible from the street), you’ll quickly find yourself in an arched tunnel of an entryway surrounded by brick and endless racks of wine bottles. Consider it foreshadowing.

Because just to the end of that tunnel and to the right lies a massive, U-shaped communal table facing an open kitchen and those two Acunto wood-fired pie ovens. Take a seat, order some wine on tap or a Reviver Pop (it’s absinthe, Cocchi Americano wine, lemon juice and tonic) and get ready for a show.

That show: brought to you courtesy of a couple of Sotto Sotto and Abattoir vets who’ll be busy putting the perfect char on your margherita, judiciously kneading your pasta and assembling charcuterie plates like surgeons.
I was so happy to be included in tonight's preview of this cool new restaurant. The atmosphere was swank and the crowd was see-and-be-seen Buckhead.

While tonight's party was standing-room only, the restaurant will feature seating around this high-topped U-shaped table that faces into the open brick-oven kitchen.

I love restaurants that feature windows into the prep areas. It was cool to watch the teams pull together the appetizers being passed around tonight. 

If the small bite tasting menu from tonight was any indication, we are in for a treat when STG Trattoria opens! My favorites included the meatballs and the oven-blistered pizza. Nom nom nom.

Local friends, keep an eye out for the grand opening of STG Trattoria! It's sure to be a great new neighbor and addition to the Buckhead dining scene :)