Monday, May 28, 2012

Patterns of Possibility

It's been so much fun being a homeowner. I have been in the condo for just about four years! I can't believe it sometimes. It seems like just yesterday my parents came along with me to the closing where I signed a bajillion papers, and then we popped open a bottle of champagne and stood (there was nowhere to sit, ha!) in the new place, dreaming of all that it would be.

Fast forward all these years later, and a lot of our friends and family have been busy buying homes of their own. It's been cool for us to check out the new places and watch as these homes transform from empty to cozy just like ours did with the additions of some furniture, some paint and some love.

This weekend we stopped by a local urban development with some relatives to check out their new townhome. While their place is still just beams and see-through "walls," the model home was fully decked out for us to check out and get a sense of what their finished product will look like. The home itself was gorgeous, but what really grabbed my attention was the fabulous decorating the realtor had done.

Can I just move in tomorrow? That little sitting room looks like a perfect blogging spot for a mid-afternoon break.

Seriously, it's as if they know me. This whole place was amazing. The colors and patterns are exactly what I would do if I was starting all over again. Don't you just love the grays and yellows and creams? It's all so cheerful!

That circle couch? Oh. My. Goodness. I have found my new love. Too bad that would take up a majority of the condo's living room, ha! I will keep this one in mind for "the next home" down the road sometime.

Hitting up model homes is a great way to find some great ideas for your own home, even if you don't have the means to re-do an entire space. After seeing the rugs in that townhome, I realized that a new living room rug would "complete" our own new look (I have been thinking looks like this or this or this), and that has moved up on the decorating priority list. The window treatments were also inspirational, and were easy-looking enough that I could potentially make my own! Summer project anyone?

Coming up tomorrow -- a foodie experiment that I can't wait to recreate and tweak! Here's a sneak peek: 



megmarmor said...

Hey Katherine - I'm totally with you. Where is the development?

Unknown said...

Meg - it is just past Lenox Square MARTA station on Lenox Road, going towards Buford Hwy, on the left. It's a small townhome development with probably about 30 homes in rows. So cute!