Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Betty Bees

This weekend has been outright LOOMING on my calendar for weeks. And I mean looming in the best sense of the word, because this is the weekend full of THREE, count 'em, THREE major events, two of which I have had a strong hand in planning.

Busy bees, anyone? Witness: 

I am ready for tonight with my new Bauble Bar Bee earrings!
Event #1 - Georgia Tech Fifth Annual Night at the Symphony, tonight with the ASO. I am so excited for this! I have been helping with this event for the last three or four years. I think this might be my last year heading things up... next spring, after all, I may or may not have a much larger event on my roster, ha! But it has been such an absolute pleasure to work on this event each year and meet so many new fellow GT alumni! We are having a pre-party at Shout! and then heading across the street for one of my favorite pastimes, the symphony. I love watching the cellos play!

Event #2 - Some much-needed gal time tomorrow morning with the bride-to-be, Meg! She and I are going to do some serious pre-wedding prep and have a mimosa or two while we are at it :) I can't wait to see her get married next weekend!! Note: this wasn't a real "event" so it has a .5 straight ahead...

Event #2.5 - VaHi Summerfest tomorrow afternoon! I love this 'fest and Oysterfest SO MUCH. Tomorrow's festival is a laid-back vibe. If you head over there, be forewarned, you will sweat through 100% of your clothes. Virginia Ave. gets zero breeze. As long as you are ok with sweating it up with the rest of us, you will have a blast! Grab a gyro (they are awesome) and check out the art and handmade jewelry before relaxing in a shady spot by the bands.

Event #3 - Pints for a Purpose on Sunday afternoon, Red Brick Brewery. Back in it's second year, we are raising funds for the Shirlock Foundation on Sunday! Tickets are still available, and they come with raffle tickets - prizes include an iPad, gift cards to local restaurants and tons of great swag. Won't you join in? Grab your ticket today at or check out the event on Facebook.

Friends wearing orange for Shirlock at the 2011 Pints! Can't wait for Sunday's event, it's going to be so fun.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!!



Lisa said...

I'll be at summerfest tomorrow, too - hope to see you there!

Unknown said...

Lisa - I hope you had a great time! I am sorry we didn't run into you :/ Next year!!!