Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Lovely Day

A few Fridays ago, I planned a day off, and so did the man. I started the day with my BFF/Matron of Honor over breakfast, met one of my closest gal pals/bridesmaids at a local Buckhead bridal salon for her bridesmaid dress fitting, and then me and the man had a little date in the city.

Oh, and we brought along a photographer. You know, because that's how the real Buckhead Betties roll.

Brad and I had our engagement pictures taken! We are oh so happy with the results, and we haven't even gotten to see the full set yet. Stay tuned, because there are some super cute ones to come, I just know it. With the lovely Anna and Spencer duo at the helm, you can't miss.

What's the best day you have had recently? What did it entail, and what made it so great?