Saturday, August 11, 2012

Decorating Wish Lists

Why is it that just when you finish a home decor project, you start to get the itch to do another one?

I absolutely love the new look of our condo with the updated paint job. I sit here in the evenings and on the weekends, just looking around and thinking about how peaceful and "together" it all seems now. The grayish blue of the living room is my favorite, a dark and stormy color that lets the blacks and whites and other colors in here pop against it.

Love the late summer evening sun in the living room :)

Of course, though, now my mind also then immediately goes to the other projects I want to work on in here. I am trying to focus on one thing at a time, because that way I can save some money for just one thing rather than get overwhelmed at how much all of this will cost all together :) Here is my current priority list.

1) Area rugs -- we have gorgeous hardwood floors in here that I love. They are a pretty amber brown, and when I actually Swiffer them, they shine in the light from the windows. But to tie the new paint job up with a bow, I need some area rugs to really "finish" the dining room and living room looks. The rugs will also benefit our neighbor downstairs since the wood + concrete echoes all noise something fierce. Here are the main rug I am looking at (and awaiting a sale for!). I can't wait to add to our living room!

Image via Home Decorators Collection
I had a choice for our dining room but am wavering on it now because I think the colors and pattern might be too much when placed right next to the yellow grid one. The two rugs will need to complement each other. Here is one option from Rugs USA that comes in a 6-foot round that I think might look awesome:

Image via Rugs USA
What do you think of those two, combined with the moody grays and blues I have going on in the condo?

2) Window treatments -- we have these gorgeous 10 foot ceilings in here complete with massive bay windows in the master bedroom and the living room. The only thing I have always absolutely hated about this condo are the vertical blinds that came standard on all of the windows and the sliding patio door. They are the bane of my existence. I have to turn them this way, or that, or open or close them completely at least two to three times per day.

I really, really want some motorized shades that I can control at the flick of a button to help block out the late evening sun and any nosy neighbor eyes from other nearby buildings. Ideally, they'd be see-through enough to let in the city lights at night (one of the reasons I bought in a high rise!), or have a bottom-up feature so that the skyline is visible but not down below.

The shades are the biggie, but then once those are in, I'd like to add some drapes or a box valance at the top to help highlight the height of the room.

3) TV -- ok this isn't really a decor thing, but we need a new TV. I was a little sad to have to watch this past two weeks' worth of Olympic events on this massive boxy TV rather than a sleek flat panel. A new TV would also take up less room if we can attach it to the wall on a hinge, freeing up the corner where it currently sits for a smaller, cuter accessory to hold the TiVo and cable boxes.

What are the priorities on your Decor To-List right now?


Unknown said...

HA! I'm glad we're not the only ones who still have the huge box tv! So I would say that a new tv is up there on the home decor to do list! Like the idea of the motorized shades, I hate blinds too!

Elise said...

I love those rugs, especially the first one! They are too cute! Also, I really like the idea of motorized blinds- how easy would that be?