Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ahhh Relaxation

Over the last week or so, I let my mind slide into hibernation a bit to rejuvenate right along with the rest of me. A long holiday weekend and many nights of way more sleep than usual mean that (finally) today, I am feeling ready for the busy fall ahead. After all, we have weekends full of football, weddings and wedding planning things ahead, and that's not even including the crazy holiday season. This girl's gotta get ready!

Quiet evening appetizers to kick off the holiday :)
Whenever I let my mind quiet down and take a break, though, I often forget to give you all a heads up, too. I am so sorry that I disappeared, friends! The blog was never far from my mind, though, as I spent the last few days getting inspired left and right by other blogs out there. For example, have you ever read Enjoying the Small Things? This blogger and her gorgeous family and photography tug at my heart strings with every new post. Kelle has two daughters, one with Down Syndrome, and the stories she shares about their everyday lives are so uplifting. Plus, the shots of her daughters grinning for the cameras could make even the most gloomy person happy :) My tip: follow Kelle on Instagram for live action updates of their lives, and check out this post first on her site to get the full background on their family.

Now that we are back in action with our jobs and "real life," what has you most excited and inspired for the fall ahead?