Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiya, Fall!

Oh, I am so glad fall is upon us once again!

This weekend, I took full advantage of a few quiet afternoons to prep the condo for the orange leaves, pumpkins and pies ahead. This included a complete swap out of all the clothes and shoes for the new season ...

The shoe swap-out is always a hot mess mid-process.
And of course, some decor updates, too! Check out my new fall-inspired "mantel" on top of our bookcase and elsewhere around the space:
And then we celebrated at a fall-themed wedding :)

Hanging out with the co-best man ;)

Sibling shot! We think alike and matched by accident :)

I also did my own hair for the wedding (a girl whose date is the best man better show up lookin' put together, right?!). I started by curing all of the ends of my hair and teasing the crown for a little visual oomph from the front. I pulled the lower half of my hair into a mid-ponytail and then pinned the top, teased half to my head right above the hair tie. Then I re-curled a few stray pieces in the pony as needed, and sprayed it all with my fav hold-it-in-place-through-the-last-dance hair spray, Aussie Instant Freeze.

Here are the side shots: 

So easy to do, I promise! It only took two bobby pins on the top, and then two underneath the pony to catch the baby hairs at the nape of my neck. Anyone who can master a curling iron can do this look in about 20 minutes. The curls covered up the bobby pins just enough so that no one will know your magic :)

Yay, Fall!