Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home Decor Ideas: Zara Home Launches

When I studied abroad in Spain during college, I was an H&M addict. I stopped by their massive stores in Madrid multiple times while there, going on shopping binges you wouldn't think were possible if you then had to find a way to bring everything home with you (here's how: bring an extra duffel bag with you to check all the clothes in for the flight home :)).

H&M wasn't immediately in the Atlanta area when I returned, but I kept an open eye for it along with Zara, another favorite of mine while across the pond. I knew their high fashion designs and low price points made them stores to frequent as much as possible for any Betty-in-training. Sure enough, once Zara opened at Lenox Mall and H&M opened in Atlantic Station, I was making a bee-line over there ASAP to check out their American lines.

Zara makes news this week with the launch of their new home line, Zara Home. This home decor and design shop launched today and features items with a West Elm and Anthropologie feel but at a Target price point. For example, this trendy Dora Vase is a mere $35. This would look so chic filled with flowers!

Look at these paisley pillows, too. If I owned a dark gray couch, these would be on it in a hot minute.

A lot of the Zara items have metallic accents, which I really love for a high rise loft or condo as much as I do for a fun house in the 'burbs. This basket could hold magazines by the bed or doggie toys by a door as well as it could a throw blanket by the couch:
Zara Home breaks out their catalog by room of the house, which makes shopping easy ... or helpful if you are like me and need to restrict yourself to shopping for certain items rather than go hog-wild! This linen tablecloth, found under the "Basics - Tableware" section, reminds me of something I'd see in a Restoration Hardware catalog ... if they made table linens, that is.
So does this pub stool, a steal in comparison to Restoration though, at just $99. Love it!

Check out the full line over at ZaraHome.com. What do you think? Spot any items that are must-haves for your own home?

* Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I was just impressed with what I saw in stock!