Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm Back! With a New Name!

Hello, Lovliest of Readers! 

Oh, how I have missed you. It's been too gosh darn long since I last posted, and hopefully you are all still out there with me. What has been going on with you?!

Have you shifted off of Google Reader yet? I still instinctively head there first, but did install Feedly for that sad day when Reader finally goes away. Womp, womp.

The last 2.5 weeks are really, really hard to sum up in text. Words such as blissful and heavenly and relaxing and otherworldly and FUN are all top of mind. Ultimately, though, what these past weeks have been were the Best Day of My Life followed by the Most Relaxing Vacation of My Life.

I am so concise, aren't I? 

Many, many thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who joined us, both in person and in spirit, for said Best Day. I will do a full recap here soon, once we get all of the wonderful photos from our amazing photographers. Check out their preview set here for a sneak peek. But seriously, Best. Day. Ever. Brad and I are still talking about it. That day will be emblazoned in our memories forever. And thanks to Anna and Spencer, the photos will help refresh our memories should they ever get rusty with time. 

What I can definitely talk more about right away, though, is our amazing honeymoon, since I already have all of those photos on hand :) Stay tuned for some blog soon posts about where we went and our favorite memories.

So good to be back!

Photobucket----> I guess I need to get a new blog signature now!! Love, K(J)ML :) 


Lauren said...

Let me know if you want me to update your signature :)


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Congrats!! You look gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all the details on your wedding!