Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Itch

I can't tell you how many times I have had blog thoughts flit through my head over the past few weeks ... only for them to head back out the other side before I can make sense of them and get them down on "paper." Apologies for being that irregular blogger that we all hate ;)

I've been experiencing a bit of an itch since we have settled back in from the wedding. The condo is looking like home again. Work is strumming along. I am even seeing my friends again on a regular basis. But something's been missing. Out of place. A void has opened up, and both me and the hubs have noticed it.

This, y'all, is why people get pets and start training for marathons. It's that big "what's next?" moment that people, and especially newlyweds, seem to experience as soon as life is (finally) in order. Some people purchase homes that need renovations; we own a lovely condo where the biggest "project" is new window treatments ;) Rooms are painted or book clubs are joined. Travel plans and evening plans start to fill up the calendar. As for that marathon, I'd like to just run and workout regularly during the week, no crazy diets and training required.
Why is it that we are always looking to add a little disorder to our orderly lives? Can't we just sit back and BE? That would make for a most enjoyable life, one with few worries and many riches. As I sat in our living room the other day, I looked around and didn't, for once, feel that urge to get up and do anything. There was not one paper to straighten, nor one spot to clean. I could relax back into the couch, pick up a magazine and just read. And so that's what I did. And you know what? I felt part-happiness ... and part-guilt. Almost as if I had wasted time that day by reading for pleasure. Why can't I just enjoy the nothingness that sometimes comes along?
For the summer ahead, I am trying to refocus things back to that joyful state of relaxation with which  life sometimes blesses us. I have movies, books and shows to catch up on. I'd love to handwrite a few notes to Grandma, and Happy Birthday cards to far-away friends. Poolside lounges and early morning jogs await me before I leisurely relax on a quiet weekend day.

Even as I build out that Summer To-Do list, I am reminding myself it's more of a Summer If-I-Feel-Like-It list. I know I should treasure this time, after all, as it's not likely to last.

But gosh, what a nice feeling it is.

PS. Dislike the new Pinterest Embed, and apparently all of my past blog posts with Pinterest photos are now broken links thanks to the update. I am not even going to stress about this. Right now, at least :)


Lisa said...

We got "the itch" almost as soon as we got back from our honeymoon. After a year of planning that trip, we both said "well, what next?!" Hence our annual big vacations - gives us something to look forward to every year!