Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Burgers and Boozy Libations

Whew. What a busy October it has been! You know when you look at your calendar, and you think to yourself, when is the next free day?! Yep, that's been our world over here. We're busy at work, the hubs is also busy at school, and both of us were topping it all off with crazy busy weekends including two football road trips, a cabin getaway and a wedding.

Seriously, though, I always love October for this scheduling. Every year, it happens again, and every year, POOF we are thrown right into hard core Fall with the holidays right around the corner. Just like that, the trees are turning colors, tomorrow is Halloween and family comes into town in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. It might be busy, but it's always a gateway month leading into a few months of holiday fun. Long time readers of this blog know that I am a sucker for this entire time of year, from Fall to New Year's, so I do love the rush of it all.

Amongst that busy schedule, we found time to try out a new restaurant in town, Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine. The restaurant was kind enough to invite us to a media tasting, and so we had fun testing out the various burgers ... and of course, the moonshine :)

Photo courtesy of Stillhouse
One of the first things we noticed was that Stillhouse has taken over the space previously occupied by the East Andrews downstairs bar, making it a great spot for a late evening bite, perhaps before heading to a concert at Andrews Upstairs. The restaurant opens out onto a patio area that you can see from the street. Plus, the bar area has seen an awesome upgrade, complete with barrels filled with Stillhouse's signature moonshines and whiskeys.

We tried out a few different items on the menu. The pimento cheese, smoky as described, was quite good -- and that's coming from this Betty who of course has a recipe of her own momma's that she stands by! ;) We also tried out a few drinks. I really liked the Thyme to Shine -- herby and not too strong a flavor of moonshine, a nice late Summer/early Fall drink.

Photo courtesy of Stillhouse
Brad tried out the "Smoke Your Drink" feature, where the bartender infuses your selection of bourbon, whiskey or 'shine with the smoke from woods like Cherry, Apple or Pecan. They did the smoking effect tableside for us, which I don't think is standard, but I told them it should be -- it was cool to watch!

Our burgers were tasty as were the sides. We tried out the PB&J, which featured peanut hummus and fig jam, and the Southern, which had collard greens and gouda. The sides were really, really good -- try out the fries with gouda and the Spicy Mac and Cheese. Then (as if we had room in our stomachs to fit this, ha), we also tried out some desserts. The Chocolate Marble Cheesecake S'mores were decadent.

All in all, we had a good meal. The restaurant staff was really nice and helpful, and eager to share more about the restaurant's burger and moonshine theme. A quick side note to you Medium/Well burger types, their standard is Medium-Rare ish, they told me, so remember when you order to ask for what you'd like :) 

Have you been to Stillhouse yet? How did you enjoy your meal? I also noticed that they are on Scoutmob, which would be a fun way to try out the menu with a cash discount, if it's your first time. 

Disclosure: We received a complimentary meal from Stillhouse in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are my own!