Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bachelorette Swag

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of ladies out on the town for my good friend Ashley's Bachelorette party (she is a loyal reader of Bhead Betty - love you Ash!).

The Maid of Honor was planning most of the evening but asked that I help with some of Ashley's and the group's attire for the night. Meaning, I got to go buy some tacky Bachelorette stuff at Party City, hoorah!

However, when I got there, I saw that the selection wasn't great, and nothing really "fit" our group. So I took some inspiration from some buttons they had on display, and headed towards Michael's to get crafty.

I picked up some plain wooden flat ovals as buttons, some glitter glue, hot pink paint, button backings, and a white boa. I painted each of the wooden ovals with a few coats of hot pink paint (children's washable paint = $2!) and let them dry for a bit.

Taking the hint from the buttons at the store, I then used my trusty black Sharpie to write a descriptor on each button - Flirty, Wild, etc. I used the Sharpie again to add on rotating dots with the glitter glue around the borders. Here they are while drying:

From there I cut the white boa down in size, and glued it on with some craft glue to the outside of Ashley's Bachelorette button, so that she would stand out from the rest of us ... in case her tiara, sash, blinking oversized ring, and blinking Bachelorette mug didn't give her away.

Check out the finished product! The girls loved them and it serves as a fun memento from the night. And with the cheap cost of supplies, they only put me out about $15 and a few hours of drying time. Happy Bachelorette, Ashley!


Anonymous said...

too cute - love the feathers behind the Bachelorette's!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I wanted to do something to make hers stand out a bit - and the goofy Party City ones didn't fit theme-wise for our crowd!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the Shout Out!!! 4 more days!!!