Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Fix: The Wine Rack

On Wednesday night, I hosted 15 girls over for PR Girls Night. We drank a few bottles of wine and had amazing food, cooked by all of the girls. Standing around in the kitchen, a group of us were talking about this wine rack that's up above my fridge:

As you might imagine, at only 5'3", I really can't reach that rack, so I also have another wine rack/bar in my dining room that serves as more day-to day.
While I usually have a few bottles on this one, the one above my fridge has set empty except for the occasional special bottle of bubbly I have thrown up there. As we talked about how to fill up that space without going out and buying a case of TJ's wine, one of the girls suggested I put empty bottles up there in the meantime. Given that we had drunk just a few bottles of wine that evening...

...I thought, what a great idea! So I rinsed out the bottles, and then threw them up in the rack - and voila! Instant upgrade. Granted, I wish they were full bottles, but these can hold the place for now :)

Thanks to the ladies who came over for PR Girls Night - I always love seeing you!