Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Magazine Subsciption to Keep, plus some Cheap Dates!

With wallets pretty tight all around for most of us, I think that a lot of us have cancelled the extra magazine subsciptions that we weren't totally in love with anyways. I have been lucky enough to get an extra copy of Cooking Light from my parents each month (somehow they get two?) but I honestly wouldn't really shell out the $12 for my own copies - I'd rather spend that on a meal out here and there :)

However, the one magazine I have kept my subscription with is my absolute favorite, Marie Claire. I can't wait to get this each month in my mailbox, that's how much I love it. They always have gorgeously stunning layouts each month of hot shoes, clothes, and purses. But unlike magazines like Vogue, they mix in afforadable H&M and Express finds with the Louboutins and Prada attire.

I found out today that they have a fab website too, and ran across this awesome list of 50 Cheap Dates, how fun! They include free no-brainers like working out or cooking together, but also some fun new ones like taking an art class together, or going rollerskating. What's also great about this list, though, is that its not just for boyfriend-girlfriend dates, but also for a date with your best friend! Way cooler than the over-done "meet for coffee" thing, I'd say.

Check out the list - do you see any that you'd try out?