Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little bit of culture

I had my first symphony rehearsal last night - I play the cello and was so glad that they had room for me in this ensemble! It's been a few years since I played with GT's Symphony Orchestra, and I have really missed it.

This got me thinking about some fun ways to enjoy some culture out on the town during these last nights of summer and the upcoming cooler nights of fall.The Atlanta Symphony has some great deals for 4-concert packs, which can give you a chance to mix up the types of classical music you will hear. These packs are starting at only $18 for each concert, and I actually like the seats on the top floor at Symphony Hall because of the great view you get of the whole group rather than just the people up front. If you go to the symphony, why not make a whole night of it - get dressed up in your cocktail finest, meet for drinks beforehand at Trois, and go out dancing after at a place like Cosmo-Lava on Crescent Street.

There are lots of open-air concerts still going on this fall too, like this weekend's Collective Soul free concert at Centennial Olympic Park downtown, or any of the upcoming concerts this fall at Verizon and Lakewood.  They also have weekly concerts down at the Southern Company Amphitheater by the CNN Center through the end of September that I had heard about too, I wonder what those are like!

Do you have plans to attend any concerts in the near future? What are they, and where? What about others outside of Atlanta, any fun concerts coming up soon for you?