Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

It has been raining for about a week straight here in Atlanta. This is a huge upswing from the last two or three years, when Atlanta has been famously in a drought. So of course, we are always thankful for rain. But at this point, I think most of us would love a bit of sunshine! We made it through a great wedding weekend despite the sprinkles and downpours (thank goodness for umbrellas and an indoor reception) and then everyone relaxed indoors on Sunday, thankful for comfy couches, magazines and TV.

Thanks to all this rain, I got through a few more episodes from Season 1 of Mad Men before catching the latest Season 3 one last night. Have you watched this show yet? It's AMAZING. They have fab costumes (or inspirations to me, since I love the 60's full skirts and belted waists!) and witty writing, and the plot lines show huge character development. It's also fun because its set in the hey-day of advertising, when all of the world's biggest brands were getting up and going.

The website is super cute too because they have this fun thing called Mad Men Yourself - here's my interpretation of myself in the set, I am in red :)

The cast will be on Oprah this week too, which I can't wait to check out. They are all just so gosh-darn attractive.

If you have a gloomy day to stay home and get addicted to a new show, rent Mad Men and get hooked in. Start with Season 1 if you want to see the whole background of the characters start to add up, but the episodes are pretty easy to follow if you happen to just catch one of the new ones on AMC, too. Or you can watch this whole series recap video here (including last night's gross-out scene ick haha).