Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Catch-up

I just spent the weekend catching up with a lot of old friends at Georgia Tech's Homecoming. A big win over Virginia Tech, a successful pumpkin pound cake in the stadium mold, and some fireworks rounded out one great weekend. Hi to all of my old friends who mentioned the blog when I saw them at GT, and all of the new ones stumbling by here - you are most appreciated :)

Today is a catch-up day, and one I am spending away from the computer. Its gorgeous and fall-ish outside, so I am throwing open the sliding door and getting to work on swapping out my summer and winter clothes. Thank goodness, its supposed to stay mostly cold from here on out (other than this weird blip of 70 degrees coming this week, what is with that? Come on ATL!).

I hope everyone else had a wonderful fall weekend too wherever you were!

XOXO ~ BB :)

Thanks to my friend Matt for this overhead shot of the field rush. I was down there somewhere! That goalpost wasn't up for too much longer :)