Friday, October 2, 2009

Personalize Your Notecards

Last year in the fall I stumbled across Design Her Gals, an adorable website that celebs like Oprah were gushing about. It is essentially Barbie for adults - but digital paperdolls of yourself. How fabulous! I made this first avatar (but with longer hair at the time, since I just cut my short hair in 2009).

They were running a sale then (and are NOW so check this site out if you are interested) for a buy one - get one free deal. I ordered one set of notecards, and one set of return address labels. I had just moved into my condo at the time, so I was excited to use my new address.

The site also offers tons of cute things like note pads, coffee mugs, aprons, and desktop things for your home office. They are also great as gifts, since you can dress up your friends for them and give them something "hand-made."

Yesterday I came across the site again and made another dress-up version of myself, this time with a work-appropriate outfit for the Fall. Don't you love the trendy little trench and bag I chose?

But besides being fun to play around on, the site drew me in again yesterday to sign up for a great cause. Design Her Gals of course sells product, but then they also run a Virtual Walk each October for Breast Cancer Awareness. If you go to their Gal to Gal website, you can create a special Avatar just for the Walk, and pay $5 to "walk" across the country with other people, includng celebs like Lisa Rinna, Larry King, and Denise Richards. There's my avatar on the right in blue, all sporty and ready to walk!

If you decide to join in, you should join my colleague's team, Jessica Knows. There's a place when you register to add that in.

Have fun playing dress up!! :)