Monday, October 5, 2009

Shoes and Wine. Ingenious Combination.

On Friday night I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous event up at the Perimeter on behalf of a client. It was the Wine, Women, and Shoes event, benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The lovely Renee Ross, Anissa Mayhew, and Ali Martell attended with me, and we spent the evening checking out tables of designer shoes, purses, and jewelry from local boutiques. Hello, gorgeous Jimmy Choos.

Ok, that alone would have been fabulous. But then add to that, about 10 women-run vineyards from across the country offering up wine tastings of some of their most famous blends. And teeny little appetizers and desserts. And male servers sourced from a local private gym. And a pink and black motif. Now that is FABULOUS.

This event got me thinking about all the details that go into throwing truly fantastic events. And how all of the little details work together to really WOW the attendees. All of the women on Friday night were drooling over the shoes (and the trainers walking around displaying them on silver platters ha), but without all the other things, it would have just been a sample sale. It became a girls night out, and it gave me some ideas for things I'd love to do at future events of my own.

Have you attended any particularly awesome events that inspired your party planning in some way? I know a lot of you have attended restaurant openings, real estate parties, and movie premieres in the last few months, and would love to hear your thoughts!