Monday, November 23, 2009

At-home entertaining: some quick ideas

Over the past few weeks, I have played Hostess a few different times. I had family in town, had some gal pals over, and even hosted a lot of men for a movie night. Each is a different crowd, but I have some simple things that I like to do to prep the condo before they come over to make sure it's a welcoming place for them, no matter who is coming.

  • Light a candle. This is the easiest one. Do this about 20 minutes ahead of time, and your place will smell divine. I particularly like this Yankee one during the fall months, it really smells like home. 

  • Clean up the sink area. You will already have a bunch of dirty dishes once the party ends, so why not make your life easier and empty/load up the dishwasher ahead of time with anything that you used while making appetizers. Plus, if you are like me, your guests might hang out in the kitchen while they arrive, so make it a clean, welcoming space.

  • Speaking of, make a few appetizers. This doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive. Pick up some hummus and pita crisps at your local Trader Joe's. Throw a thin crust white pizza in the oven and then slice it up into little squares. I love Pillsbury for some easy things to do with crescent rolls. For under $10, you can give your guests something to munch on, and displaying it on a pretty serving platter makes it extra classy.

  • Put on some background music. I am a fan of putting on Coldplay or some Bruce, but maybe your friends like classical, or jazz, or rock. Whatever works.

  • Have a cocktail and enjoy the party. I like to have a glass of wine while I am getting ready before people come over, but at least be sure to sit back and enjoy your martini, your club soda, or your beer with your guests when they do get there. Be your own guest!

  • These tips help me enjoy my get-togethers without feeling stressed out - hopefully they will help you do the same this week for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!


    The Mailman said...

    Personally, I like a little "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" playing in the background.

    Unknown said...

    ROFL. As always, right C?