Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am Imelda

I have a shoe problem. People that know me personally know this to be true, and now all of you do, too. When I was condo shopping, I explicitly was on the search for somewhere with a closet big enough to easily store and display all of my shoes.

I found it:

Wait, there's more:

 And even more - a box full of off-season strappy sandals and stilettos.

With so many shoes, there inevitably comes the time when they need to be re-tapped. The little plastic piece on the heel of the stiletto takes a serious beating, and after a while its hard to ignore the tap-tap-tap of the nail showing through the plastic when it gets very run down.

Good news - this is a quick fix at a shoe repair place. And way cheaper than replacing them! A good shop (I go to John's Alterations on Howell Mill by the Fellini's, they are cheap!) will shine the shoes up at the end, and give them back looking "brand new."

I saved up all the ones I needed to take in to make it an efficient drop-off. Today, imagine my joy, it's as if I have 8 new pairs of shoes for the winter months, for the price of only one new pair! I am so excited!


Special Gifts said...

nice shoes collection, ups, how often buy the shoes mini shop :)

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

Those 8 shoes you had repaired today are more than the TOTAL number of shoes I own. :)

Unknown said...

Haha! Reba, I think some Black Friday shoe shopping is in order, for sure :) Treat yourself!