Sunday, November 15, 2009

Budgetary Workouts

During the year when I stayed at home after school saving for my down payment on the condo, I had more disposable income and was able to pony up for the $30 a month for LA Fitness. It gave me access to all the gyms in GA, which was perfect since sometimes I'd go right after work in town, or on the weekends up in the suburbs. They offered a ton of fitness classes - spin, step, weight training, yoga - anything you could imagine, at pretty much anytime of the day. Those classes even motivated me on a Saturday morning after being out the night before, because all I had to do was show up, and someone would tell me what to do for an hour. And it kicked. my. booty.

Fast forward 16 (16!) months. I have a mortgage. And bills. I am "On a Budget." No extra cash to throw towards fitness classes. And so I have had to motivate myself. It sucks. I won't lie. Without bikinis or vacations impending, it's been so hard! But there's something that motivates everyone to workout, I guess, and for me, one of the reasons is being able to eat (and drink, this Betty likes a martini here and there!) what I want, when I want.

I have been aiming for getting in 3-4 times/week to our gym and doing some cardio, some weights, and some abs. I shoot for getting my heartbeat and metabolism up for about 30 minutes in total, more if I have time. Once it gets warm again in the spring, I'd love to pick up a tennis racket again, and take the workouts outside with some jogs.

How are you fitting in your weekly workouts or sporting activities with your busy lifestyle? Share your tips, I'd love to hear them!