Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Giving Back

At the holidays, our thoughts are often on shopping, gift wrapping, and get-togethers with family. Finding the perfect present to put under the perfect tree is a weekend goal. But there are a lot of people out there who not only might not have any money, but might not have any family, either.

This year, I'd really like to give some of my time back to the community, and share in the holiday spirit in a new way. I am in search for a good volunteer opportunity. I really like being around kids and people in general, but am of course open to anything that needs another set of hands. The soirees and parties benefiting different groups in need are great, but I want to be hands-on this time. 

What are your ideas? The Atlanta Community Food Bank seems to be full for its upcoming sessions through Hands On Atlanta. Piedmont Park and Chastain Park both have some outdoor park clean-up options. Do you know of school opportunities in your community, or other places in your area in need? Share your thoughts, and maybe we can all get inspired to give a little time, rather than spending another dollar or two!


Ashley Judge said...

Hey Kat! Saw your tweet and thought I'd share my holiday giving for the past couple of years: about 3 years ago, I was really moved by Glamour Magazine's November Women of the Year Issue which features amazing women who forge frontiers, blast the double standards, and risk their lives for others. Glamour shares information about their charities and philanthropies and also awards one woman/ organization with their own Women of the Year Fund (

Since then, I have been donating to the Fund in the name of the important women in my life as their holiday gifts. I couldn't bear to buy any more scented candles, scarves, or sweaters for the people I feel so passionately about-- like the causes for which these featured women feel so passionately. None of them miss tangible gifts and we all feel special being a part of a bigger picture :)

Unknown said...

Ashley - that is such a great idea! I am definitely going to check it out. I just saw this issue, too, so I knew exactly what you were talking about. Great suggestion.