Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Confess: I am a Starbucks Snob

One of my greatest downfalls was becoming addicted to Starbucks. No, not even just to the caffeine. I can substitute a Diet Coke and I am fine. I am also addicted to the status of having that cup with a cardboard holder in my hand; to stopping in before classes in college just to inhale that aroma; to having something like that to look forward to on a crisp Fall morning before a day at work.

When I started work, I quickly located the nearest Starbucks to my office. Conveniently, its right across the street - far away enough that I wouldn't get it EVERY day, but close enough for a Grande Nonfat Chai whenever I needed a boost.

A few years later ... and I am Buckhead Betty ON A BUDGET. Everyday frills like Starbucks have had to go. I still was treating myself to it every so often ... until they recently raised prices. My Grande Nonfat Chai went up to $4 after tax. No more Starbucks for this gal. That was it.

My mom has given me mixers in the past for me to use at home, so when I ran out of the last one, I did some research - and lo and behold, the very same Tazo mixer that the baristas use at Starbucks (I swear, watch them make it sometime), is sold at pretty much every grocery store around. Not only that, but guess how much it is for a whole container. FOUR DOLLARS. The same as just one drink. These containers get like 8 cups of chai out of them that you cut with milk. Look at me, all budget-y.

So I am sitting here now sipping my Tazo chai, pretending that its not in my mug, but in a paper cup with a cardboard holder. And kind of happy that I didn't have to put on my coat to go out into the chilly air to get it :)