Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New York Hot Spot #2: Grab a slice. Anywhere.

So this isn't just one "hot spot" - but rather, any number of them.

It's in my blood to find the best spot for a slice. For you Atlanta folks, you already heard me talk about Piu Bello here in town and how it's the next-best thing to the real-thing.

Well, friends, when you get yourselves to the big City someday, and find yourself with nothing to do while your hotel room is prepped like I did, go find a pizzeria and grab yourself a slice of the original. Or two, if you are a man, or are feeling hungry. The slices are HUGE. Meant to be folded. Served on paper plates from the counter. Parm and pepper flakes on the side. Beers optional (we elected for them, even though it was only 10:45am. Hey, I was on vacation.).

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in NYC for pizza, don't fret, it's hard to pick wrong. There are a number of "famous" spots, and spots that claim to be "famous" and "The World's Original." Do not doubt yourself though. That joint on the corner of whatever part of town you are in? Likely FAB.

If you absolutely need a spot to try, take the Malone recommendation. We LOVE this place called Pronto Pizza, the one on West 48th. A stone's throw from Rockefeller Center and NBC, go past Dean and Deluca's right there and you can't miss it, its right there on that back street underneath the psychic sign :)