Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Shopping Recap

Last week's Menu Planning went so well! I did not have to make a single trip to the store during the week, and I even almost all but cut out my trips down to the food court during the days at work, since I brought full, healthy lunches to work with me each day and had no need for snacks. Overall, I saved some money, and definitely increased the health-factor. Because no matter what I say to myself, a Zone Bar and a pack of Twizzler's is not a healthy lunch. It's pathetic. None of that last week!

I am planning for this week's meals now, and I have the added factor of a business trip mid-week this time. So I am trying to plan for some meals I can freeze, so that no food goes bad while I am gone.

On the agenda so far:
Sunday: Mom's Spaghetti and Meatballs (I am not giving this one away, its a family secret :) )
Monday: Tomato soup and grilled cheeses (making something with bread since I need it for meatballs already)
Tuesday: Leftover spaghetti
Wednesday: --trip--
Thursday: --coming home from trip, TBD--
Friday: Someone else can plan this one ha!

Have you tried planning out any of your meals yet? What has worked well?