Monday, December 14, 2009

Go-to Weeknight Italian

On Saturday, we got back from an eventful day spent in Birmingham, AL for a wedding. The bride looked gorgeous, and the ceremony was beautiful. The weather, however, did not behave, and so we drove home in a gross, foggy, rainy night. And it was about 32 degrees the whole way. Sweet.

By the time we got back at 7pm (that whole time change thing sucks, by the way), we were exhausted. And I realized that I still had not gone to the grocery store (still haven't. I suck.) and no one felt like cooking. So we needed to grab something to eat on the way home.

Have you been to Osteria del Figo? I feel like everyone knows about Figo, but then I remember that a lot of you didn't go to Georgia Tech with us and go every other week like we did, or might be new to the area and looking for good places to try :P

Figo is fantastic for a weeknight "comfort meal," a cute Italian date night, or even just to take home to eat with The Bachelorette (have totally done that, check). And even better, its cheap. We are talking $8 meals, and meals that are typically so much food, that it's actually two meals. Choose your pasta, and choose your sauce. Order at the front, then find your table of choice. Love it - so easy.

If I had to recommend just one thing on the fab menu, it's the gnocchi. Oh. My. Lord. It is amazing. Talk about two meals though - gnocchi is sneaky. You are eating it with the amazing Checca sauce or their Pecorino and Lemon sauce (if you like mac and cheese, try that combo, trust me) --- and then you realize that all of that gnocchi has expanded in your stomach like POOF! You are full! As of Saturday (when I was punch-drunk tired at the end of the day), I have termed it the Gnocchi Stomach Expansion. GSE. It hits when you least expect it - so take my advice, and get a box for that second half of the huge bowl, haha!

I know some of you are Figo Addicts. What's your favorite Figo meal, and why?


Dyar Baby Momma said...

One of the raviolis with the Pecorino and Lemon sauce - YUM. Or the mushroom sauce. I love that place.

Bela Naomi said...

def the gnocci with the salmon sauce...yummm...and that's a good 2 meals!!

Maryanne said...

For me, personally, if they took Zucca off the menu I would NOT be happy.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to try these combos - and oh yes, Zucca is phenom :) :)

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