Monday, December 28, 2009

High time for a shopping spree!

Hi everyone! I am playing "Bergen County Betty" this week while we are visiting family up here in New Jersey for the holidays. I won't be posting every day, but hopefully you all are equally busy and won't miss me too much ;)

I was lucky enough to receive a number of Ann Taylor LOFT gift cards for my birthday and Christmas this year - just perfect for this working gal's needy wardrobe. It's also perfect timing, because the LOFT sale emails in my inbox (check it out, they also have a Facebook page) were almost driving me nuts, since my budget has called for me to curtail the usual shopping sprees :)

I took a quick look at LOFT's site today to get an idea of what I might like to buy for myself. Here are some of my favs for the upcoming spring season - items that will make it through the winter with a jacket or sweater, and then can be paired down when the weather gets a bit warmer.

This flower pin is adorable! It'd spruce up a few of my current sweaters and dresses easily without spending a lot of money, since it's only $14.50.

And this sweater is just like what I was thinking of when I posted about leggings from NYC in October. They have this black one on sale for $39.99 because they only have L and XL, but then the other sizes in gray are $70, still a great buy for a combo sweater-jacket for the warmish Atlanta winter months.

In a bit of a stretch from my normal style, I love this white denim jacket! It'd be a cute way to switch up the white sweater over a dress look when it gets warmer outside this spring and into summer too.

Did you get anything new from LOFT or other stores for the holidays? I'd love to see links to what you got so that I can get some inspiration on how to spend some of the rest of my birthday money :P

Enjoy this second holiday week! What is everyone up to?


DuffGT06 said...

I don't know if they're still running the sale, but this weekend was an extra 25% off of sale items! I got some really great items super cheap! Two jackets and a top for the party Thursday.

You know me...I actually went to two different LOFTs in the same day to get a varied sale selection, lol.

joseph said...

Great Collection.And I like the sweater.I bought it for my family.And it's very nice.

leena said...

Wow Flower was Awesome.And nice color.And the dresses also Pretty Cool.And Fantastic collection.I love this post