Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another new line at Tar-jay

I wept when Isaac Mizrahi left Target. Well, ok, not really, but I was definitely very sad. Isaac came to Target just as I was doing a big overhaul on my work wardrobe, and it was perfect - his 50's throwback shirtdresses and cute little flaired out skirts were fantastic new staples for me to pick up. He knew exactly what a working young gal needed to fill out her closet.

Since Isaac left, I've had a hard time finding another "designer" brand at Target that I like the same amount. Merona stepped their game up when he left, at least, as some of my friends and I noticed. But otherwise, the seasonal swap-outs of designer collections meant nothing to me, because most of it looked like something a 16-year-old would wear, not a mid-20-something career gal.

Rodarte for Target seems to be (from my first glance) a lot closer to Isaac than previous lines have been. For one, they carry little party dresses like this one that are perfect Game Day Gold and only $40 -

PS. What is going on with those boots? Those look hideous with that dress. In person, the dress looks very cute, and it would be adorable with some little casual flats, or heels to dress it up. And for those of you who could care less about Georgia Tech, they also carry that one in black too :)

They also have these sexy bikinis for $16/piece. I can't believe I am posting about bikinis but goodness, I don't think Target ever unshelved bikinis this entire winter. At least this one is mature and doesn't make me think of Panama City.

Have you picked up any Rodarte collection pieces yet? I am not sure if I will, but it's nice to see something a bit closer to my age bracket in Target again from designers.


Unknown said...

I noticed it last night at a relatively grungy target here in Iowa... I was pretty impressed, my younger sister thought most of the stuff was a little tacky. I think I'll try out a few pieces that are fairly basic, who knows about the rest!

WM said...

I believe you and trust me, at work I'm not clicking on that link, but that swimsuit looks like lingerie. What kind of blog is this?

Unknown said...

Katie- let me know what you find! And WM - you are ridic :P