Monday, December 21, 2009

Making a List...

If you are anything like me, your mind is in like 50 different places at once right now. In fact, it's starting to impede on my own quiet time, because I find myself drifting towards my mental checklist in the middle of the newspaper, my favorite show, or even a movie on TV. Presents, laundry, packing- ugh.

How do you handle your list at this time of year? Today, I am making a list to accomplish tonight, instead of the overall big one. Splitting it into days for the week ahead will (hopefully) help me tackle things one at a time rather than trying to do things all at once.

In the midst of it all though, I am trying to remember all of the fun things I have to look forward to coming up - so here's a shout out to the "Fun" List, in hopes of momentarily forgetting the bigger "To Do" List.

    * Our upcoming trip to visit family up North in NJ and NYC, and hopefully seeing some snow!
    * My birthday day with my immediate family here in ATL (!)
    * Christmas morning, complete with hot chocolate, stockings, and The Chieftains on the CD player
    * Seeing our baby cousin when we arrive - she is the most adorable thing ever!
    * The Orange Bowl - GT is going to kick some Iowa tailfeather on Jan. 5th

Don't forget your own Fun List this week and next!