Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Savings for Online Shopping

Are you planning on doing a lot of your holiday shopping online? With all sorts of shipping deadlines coming up this month, I thought this company's ad to me on Pandora today was particularly relevant, and I wanted to pass it along.

Coupon Cabin - this site offers up codes to use in those "Enter Your Promotional Code Here" type boxes that you always see when you are shopping online and checking out. Their offers expire every few days and refresh with new ones, so check back each time you are ready to go clicking around. I'll bet you will find a useful coupon, since they offer apparently 32K coupons and deals right now - local and national. One thing that caught my eye are their grocery coupons - they offer a huge assortment of these, and as you know, I am a coupon clipper!

Am I late to hear about this site or what? Have you used it before and saved any amount of money? What other sites do you use? I am always looking for a good way to save when shopping!


Anonymous said...

When shopping online, I ALWAYS do a quick google search on coupon codes for the retailer. At least 70% of the time I find some sort of promo code to fill that little box....usually 5-10% off which will translate to free shipping. Finding that 20-25% secret code is a huge win. There's a bunch of these sites out there, happy hunting!

Unknown said...

Great tip, thanks! I really need to start shopping around more before I buy anything online, that's for sure!

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Daneen said...

Shopping wasnt that easy a decade back. Visiting stores physically and payingthe exact amount that they were offering used to make shopping no less than a hassl

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