Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I don't do Black Friday...

You'd think that as a frugalista, city girl, shopaholic, Betty, whatever you want to call it - that I'd be ALL about Black Friday. The fashions. The gifts. The absolute rock-bottom prices.

Nope. Not even a bit.

It probably has something to do with the joy we have always gotten with sleeping in after a few days' worth of cooking, drinking, and socializing. Probably something to do with the family that is always in town that we want to spend time with on a lazy morning. Maybe a little about the lemon-meringue pie that I always have for breakfast that morning as the first left-overs of the weekend.

Ok, well there is one thing that I like to do shopping-wise on Black Fridays. Can you guess what it might be?

This post might be a good hint...

I have a shoe problem. And the good people at Shoe Gallery Warehouse in Roswell understand this. And they understand that people like me might not NEED to get there at 5am, but that before 10am might do. And that bargains above their already reduced prices are great, plus some extra cash if you buy 2-3 pairs and hit $100. Which is, um, so easy to do. In the past I have walked away with 4-5 pairs of the newest and hottest style heels or running shoes, usually for under $150 in total.

So I caved. I went "just to look."

And I came home with these lovelies from Nine West (my ultimate FAV shoe company):

Plus some new wintery dark leather boat shoes for the man. All in all, rather than close to $200, it was only $100 for both pairs. SCORE.

There you go, my friends. My ultimate shoe-addict secret. Just don't grab the last pair of fab new heels at Shoe Gallery Warehouse, and we can still be friends.