Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A big day is coming up this spring...

... well the ladies know what I mean at least :)

It's time for the second Sex and the City movie to hit theaters!! This means it's also time for me to get planning!

In May 2008 when the first movie debuted in theaters, women of all ages went beserk. Our four fav fab ladies were hitting the big screen, with amazing clothes, homes, jobs, and lives **See my post on the Evolving Girls Night for more on why we are so addicted to SATC**

In honor of that big night, I had the fun idea to plan a big soiree around it all for all of my girlfriends and their girlfriends. We were all going to go see the movie that night, so why not make a big girls-night-out out of it? Everyone was invited, and all of their best gal pals.

And so a Save the Date went out, followed in a few months by an invite containing movie ticket info and finalized plans. Over 30 girls came out that night in their cocktail attire to the Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station for food and drink discounts (I won't lie, I am pretty sure it was my phone call to Fox Sports in April that prompted the themed drinks menu that night hehe). Then everyone headed next door for the movie at the Regal. It was perfect because no one had to drive to the theater, so the drinks were flowing! Even better, all of the men at the sports bar were of course checking us out in our VIP velvet rope area. It was, hands down, the best party I have ever thrown, and the girls had a blast.

So ladies, it's that time again - SATC2 comes out on May 28, and yours truly has already sent out the Save the Date. Leave me a comment if you want to be on the guest list for the actual invite to go out. And know that in the meantime, I am working on what will hopefully be a big repeat of that fabulous 2008 party!