Monday, January 4, 2010

I heart my ladies!

Like I hope you are too, I am so lucky to have a lot of fantastic gals in my life. I have met so many new girlfriends through college, work, and play, and all are different and fun in different ways. Some are perfect to gab with about career paths, others like to gossip about boys, and still others are my friends from orchestra, GT alumni programs, or church. Some even are virtual-only friends that I have met online through Twitter and this blog!

Today I wanted to give a shout-out to two of my favorite girls in particular, though - Sarah and Laurie! These two have been there for me for everything, and I always think of them first when I have news to share or want someone to laugh with.

Laurie got on a plane last night to head back out to Israel where she is attending med school. It was sad to say goodbye to her again. But the good news is that in just a few months, she will be home again for another break. And in the meantime, we have the magic of Skype for us to keep in touch with her.

Love you girls!!