Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A fabulous find on Twitter

Question 1: Have you joined Twitter yet?
Question 2: If you have joined, when was the last time you logged on?

Twitter could be the subject of a whole other post, but I'll sum it up quickly - log back in, and follow me (@KatMalone) and your other friends (Twitter can do a search of your Gmail contacts). Download TweetDeck to follow everyone in an easier way on your desktop.

Then, my friends, follow @targetdailydeal, my new favorite Tweeter.

Target Daily Deal has been around for maybe a year, given the 346 (daily) tweets they have sent out. It may be old news to some of you, in fact. But I have a feeling, you hadn't heard of it either. I was so excited to stumble across it this week, I had to share.

This is how it works - Target tweets out one deal per day. If you follow them on Twitter, or just log in to their website landing page, you can see the deal of the day, and order it if you so desire. These deals are pretty awesome - so far this week I have seen cheapo bedding, some cute ceramic storage cubes, and an edgy wine rack. All at discounts of 60%+. If you are a fan of Target, you know this means it is ueber-cheap after the discount since their prices rock already.

The catch is, the deal lasts for one day only, and often these items are selling out before the day is done. You may not be in the need for whatever the deal is today (photo frames, yawn. Btw, these are going for $5 apparently, though the website isn't reflecting that? I replied to them on Twitter about this glitch) but maybe whatever comes out tomorrow will be just what you have been searching for.

Have you found any success following these deals? What have you gotten and at what big discount?

Happy Shopping!


Bela Naomi said...

I have been a long time follower of which always has AWESOME deals. Also groupon of course.

Joslyn Fagan said...

Katherine - I seriously love your blog. You have the best suggestions. I am not on Twitter much, but I am definitely going to log on and follow. I am always in need of a good deal :-)

Unknown said...

Great suggestion Bela! And aww thanks Jos! You are too sweet!!