Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Take THAT, January Blahs!!

One week ago I posted about how I was feeling kind of blah. Mostly attributing it to the time of year and general lack of events and things to look forward to, I made a list to combat said blues. I am happy to announce that one week later, I am feeling MUCH better :) :)

Things on that list that have already helped -

* I have worked out 2 times this week already pretty hard, and will do 2 more workouts before week's end, yea!
* We checked out a few restaurants/bars after work last week (on the cheap!), and this week I have some weekend plans to look forward to, too. Changing the routine = boost.
* I started bringing a book with me onto MARTA again - this allows me to ignore any particularly obnoxious MARTA riders haha. 

Speaking of lists - it's almost the end of January already, and I realized I have been hitting pretty well on my Ten in 2010 List too! Things I am still working on from that list -

* The constant paper stacks. Ugh. They are smaller, but ever-present on my kitchen counter. I am trying.
* Trying out Craft. It's on the to-do list, I promise. Gotta save some dollars for that one, though.
* Painting my closet. First, I am attempting to keep it pretty clean for a while, instead haha.

Did you end up making a similar resolution list? How are yours going so far? How are you doing in beating the January Blahs?